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EDI Immigration Consulting Ltd

   EDI can provide a wide range of immigration services. These include the following:

  • Family Class Sponsorship
  • Skilled Worker Immigration
  • Provincial Immigration
  • Other Immigration Services

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Skilled Worker Immigration

      Canada needs new immigrants with skills and experience to meet the needs of a growing economy. This category of immigration is based on a point system that evaluates prospective immigrants on the basis of six factors, as well as whether or not the applicant has training and work experience in one of a limited number of occupations.

      EDI will assess your education and background and determine if you can meet the requirements for this category of immigration..


Family Class Sponsorship

   Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident? Do you want to bring a family member to Canada? If so, contact EDI and we will help you be reunited with your family in Canada.


Provincial Nominee Immigration

   While the Canadian federal government has responsibility for setting the country's over all immigration policy, the provinces also have a role to play in selection of new immigrants who meet the particular needs of the individual provinces.The following provinces and territories have provincial nominee immigration programs:

   Let EDI advise you on the advantages of applying for immigration through the various provincial immigration program.

Other Immigration Services

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   Interested in working or studying in Canada? Have you graduated from post-secondary studies in Canada, or have already worked in Canada, and want to acquire permanent resident status? Do you have other immigration needs? Contact EDI and we will provide you with professional immigration services that will meet your needs..