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Membership of the Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council of Canada


      In June 2002, the Canadian government introduced new immigration rules. One of these rules related to representation and as a result, the Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council of Canada was eventually formed. In doing so, the Minister of Immigration designated that the new corporation should establish standards and regulate the conduct of Immigration Consultants.

      The new rules stipulated that it was now mandatory for all immigration consultants to be registered with the Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council of Canada (ICCRC).

EDI Immigration Consulting Ltd

   Only lawyers and registered members of the ICCRC are permitted to represent fee paying clients at the Canadian Immigration Ministry (CIC) either in Canada or at their various embassy and high commission locations abroad.

   Essentially, ICCRC is a consumer protection organization. Therefore, if an immigration consultant who is not a member of ICCRC lodges an immigration application in respect of a fee-paying applicant, the applicant will find that the application will be returned unprocessed.

   Great care should be exercised before nominating someone as your fee-paying consultant, ensuring that he/she can provide proof that they are a fully registered member of ICCRC. To ease the identification process for fee-paying applicants when selecting an Immigration Consultant, each member is issued with an ID Card issued by the ICCRC showing their name, photo and ID number. If any applicant has any doubt whatsoever, then they should ask to see the card.

   Please note that the following person working for EDI Immigration Consulting Ltd. is a fully registered member of the ICCRC:

Mr. Chris Kemp-Jackson - ICCRC ID Number: R413111

Further information relating to the ICCRC can be found on their website at: