Canada is one of the world's premier destinations for new immigrants. The reasons for this are many: Canada offers a high standard of living, a pristine environment, and opportunities for all.

      As a young country with its best days still ahead of it, Canada needs immigrants. EDI Immigration Consulting Ltd. has been helping people build their future in Canada for almost 15 years. If you are considering Canada for yourself and your family, let EDI help you take that first step towards making Canada your new home.


EDI Immigration Consulting Ltd.

   EDI is an immigration consulting company based in Western Canada. It has been providing consulting services for almost 15 years. In this time EDI has helped thousands of people immigrate and make new lives in Canada.


Immigration to Canada...


   Canada is one of the leading immigrant receiving countries in the world. Every year approximately 250,000 people enter Canada to begin a new life for themselves and their families. Yet the Canadian immigration system can be confusing, and qualified people often have difficulty determining if they can meet the criteria for successful immigration to Canada. EDI can take the guesswork out of immigrating to Canada and can give your application the best possible chance for success.


Why Choose Canada ?


   Canada has everything both visitors and new migrants would be looking for in a country: a vast and varied landscape, bustling multicultural cities, and opportunities for all. If you are interested in learning more about our country click here